On your first visit please arrive 15 minutes early.  

There will be an intake form & brief orientation as well as leaving a little time to relax & decompress.

You'll be offered a pair of flip flops to wear during your visit if you wish and you'll be given the chance for a bathroom break.

You'll be taken to your private room where you'll be given simple instructions on cabin controls & features.

Following that you'll be left to your privacy where in your private room you'll undress & shower then you'll step right into your float cabin.  Please note that bathing suits retain many impurities and bacteria so are not allowed in the float cabin.  Floating in the nude is far more hygienic.

Once your float time has ended, you'll step out of the cabin and right into the shower to rinse off the epsom salts.

After that, you'll return to the lobby where you can speak with one of our team and take a few minutes to rest - some floaters find themselves to relaxed afterward they need a few minutes before driving again.  

If you feel a little uneasy about being in an enclosed space, no worries - just leave the cabin door open.