how clean is it?

InSPAration Float Centre strives to maintain the purest float solution possible.  Our float cabins (tanks) use the best and most effective technology on the market.  Before & after every float a complete filter cycle is run to clean & disinfect the water.  Each filtration pump has a flow meter which we watch closely & document to ensure the system is always properly calibrated and never under functioning. 

Our water is tested at the beginning of every day at a minimum, and is again tested throughout the day.  

Our filtration system is actually built & designed for a 55,000 gallon swimming pool and has been re-calibrated for the specific flow rate of float tank filtration (our float tanks and fully engineered float tanks).


Our systems include:

  • Surface skimmers - to remove any debris

  • Mechanical filtration

  • Micron pleated cartridge filtration - these are changed every week.  1 micron = .001mm

  • UV (ultraviolet) water treatment - this not only kills & destroys anything present in the water, but also activates the residual h2o2 further disinecting the water

  • Ozone water treatment - this disinfects the water.

  • Advance Oxidation Process - when ozone & UV are combined, together they create an even further layer of water treatment including hydroxyl free radicals, a very power water disinfection treatment

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) - we don't use chlorine/bromine as an oxidiser because of potentially harmful off-gassing.  Instead we use 35% food grade aqueous  hydrogen peroxide and maintain it at a residual level of 80-100ppm.  H2O2 is a powerful oxidizer but breaks down safely into water & oxygen with no off-gassing.


Since after filtration there are hydroxyl free radicals and ozone present in the air, the manufacturer recommends a 2 minute venting period, however we vent for a minimum of 10 minutes.  

Additionally for our own peace of mind, once a week (or more frequently if we deem necessary) we will treat each cabin with non-chlorine/bromine shock.