Special pricing structures can available to suit your needs - ask us about it.


Workforce can be complicated and costly to manage, especially when there are illnesses and injuries.

Consider expanding your corporate or workplace wellness program.

Floating improves mood, back injury and repetitive strain injury recovery, counters workplace anxiety.


Floating has been proven to provide a stronger competitive advantage for teams that use float tanks regularly.

InSPAration Float Centre is the only float centre in the region that has multiple fully R.E.S.T. capable float tanks.

Floating improves player recovery time, decreases healing time, aids in visualisation to reinforce coaching.


Have a focus, interest, medical group or just like to float with a bunch of friends?

Special pricing can be available to you too - ask us about it.  

Cost is $5 per person per month.

All floats are $10 off regular price per month.

*Minimum of 4 participants.

**Minimum 3 months participation