InSPAration is equipped with the latest technology in the float industry.  We utilize float cabins rather than pods or pools to ensure the best float experience possible.  Want to stand up & stretch during your float session?  No problem!  You'll have plenty of room inside.  Each of our cabins is even 100% Canadian made!


Float cabins provide the user with a feeling of greater spaciousness as well as better environmental control, including light & noise.

Each floater has creative control & freedom to customize their experience from controlling the in-cabin LED lighting system to the full R.E.S.T. (sensory deprivation/enhancement).  We can ensure the experience matches your comfort level. 

Enjoy soft, relaxing music throughout your session or a program with music that fades to silence after 5 minutes.

Each room is equipped with locking doors for your privacy & security as well as in-room showers (all floaters are required to shower before and after a float).