frequently asked questions

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Are you open outside of office hours for sessions?

- Absolutely!  Office hours are just regular scheduled hours, but floats & infrared are available outside of those hours on days, evenings & weekends Tues-Sun.  If you book, we'll be here! 

Can we book a couples float?

- Because our personal experiences doing a couples float really weren't great we decided not to have them.  We found that it wasn't as comfortable and was distracting, individual floats are the best.  However we do have side-by-side rooms that work great for couples.

How clean is the water?

- Short answer - very!  Long answer - water is filtered before & after every float & we keep extensive water logs.  We use mechanical skimming & filtration, micron filtration, UV treatment, OZONE treatment, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide treatment and between those treatments we employ other treatments.  The water we start with is filtered before it even goes in the float cabins.

Although we weren't required to, we were so confident in our systems that we openly invited the local public health unit to inspect us.  Not only were they happy, they actually float at our centre!


 Why do you use cabins?

- Float cabins are a type of float tank and are the most accessible for people with limited mobility.  Their design is optimal for the best experience - they're warm, very spacious and provide great options for people with claustrophobia  such as leaving the float tank door open.  Underneath the bottom are heating pads to make sure the water is always warm.  Even the ceiling is designed to maintain a proper environment.

But I'm claustrophobic!

No problem - we've had many claustrophobic people float in our cabins.  The float tank door can be left open for additional space - you won't be cold because we've added extra heaters in every room.  Although some prefer to leave the float tank door open, almost all have felt so comfortable floating that they've chosen to close the door - they don't lock.

Is 'sensory deprivation' optional?

Definitely.  Floaters can chose soft lighting or darkness, full silence or relaxing music.  Our members can even use their own playlists!

For those that enjoy the sensory deprivation experience, our cabins have that function if you choose - absolute darkness or silence.  We can customise your experience to make it the best!