Booking Policies


Please be on time.  When booking, you are not only booking a service but also a time slot of a specific duration.  If you arrive late, we will do our best to accommodate you (especially with additional COVID precautions and cleaning), however your actual float time may be shortened.  We go through a rigorous cleaning & filtration process and we strive to remain on time for the following floats (you may still be charged the full price of the session - we appreciate you advising us if you may be late.

Gift cards

When booking we appreciate being advised in the comments if you plan on using a gift certificate in the comments - gift certificates MUST be brought in and redeemed on arrival & before your float you will be charged normal float price.

Gift certificates often change hands or get re-gifted which make then difficult to track - because of this, like restaurants or salons we do not track gift certificates by name.

Hair dye

If you have dark or brightly coloured hair please talk to us before booking.  Even if your shower water runs clear, after fully soaking in water for an hour or more hair dye can begin to bleed out.  This can cause severe damage to the float solution or stain the float cabin walls which can be expensive and time consuming to remedy.


We understand life happens and things get complicated, however we greatly appreciate a minimum of 24 hours for cancellations.  If someone is a no-call, no-show for a booking (without a legitimate emergency) then we will require them to pay a deposit for a re-booking.

Most float centres require a credit card at time of booking and do not refund the deposit if there's a cancellation less than 24 hours prior to your booking.  This is something we hope to avoid, and we have a higher no-call, no-show rate compared to other float centres, so please help us ensure we can avoid a credit card at time of booking.